State of Emergency

by Detain

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released December 10, 2014

Recorded at Studiotte
Art by Mason Starkey



all rights reserved


Detain Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Track Name: Throne of Judgement
Feeding off the power you’ve been given
Nothing that you’ve done will ever be forgiven
Sentence another with a smirk on your face
You’re a blight to the human race

Justice has been replaced by power
Another innocent every hour
Nothing changes day after day,
Another life you’ve thrown away

Nothing changes and what’s the cost?
Every day a life is lost
Regardless of the crimes you’ve created
All that i feel is constant hatred

Regardless of the crimes you’ve created
All that i feel is constant hatred
Track Name: Hands of a Dying God
No Remorse
The pain dealt means nothing to you
Hands of God
Grasp loosened, nothing to hold
Fucking sick
A double standard you tried to hide
Time ends now
Judgement drawn, expose lies

Truth be told
Your selfish ways never appeared inside
Death is slow
With him gone you won’t confide
Crushing you
Sudden visions become clear
Life is gone
Drained of feeling, end is here
Track Name: Suffer Eternal
Too many years of living this shit
Force fed your lies and I swallowed it
Burning every bridge I’ve built
Trying to plead, all you feel is guilt
Hands around your neck, you are pulled under
This is the beginning of your eternal suffer
There is no stopping this punishment
Nothing will end this torment.

The noose around your neck
Hold your breath and take the step
With your life is how you’ll pay
It’s judgement day
Now I see through all your lies
And your cries to justify
Stop your sympathy
You won’t get it from me

Hold your breath
Take the step
How you’ll pay
Hold your breath, take the step
Track Name: Corruptive Force
Every last one
Guilty all the same
No single promise kept
No way to tame
Marching through life
Following commands
Until the cycle breaks
The fight will demand

Corruptive force
Soon come to fall
Take what's mine
It’s up for grabs

Graves piled high
Sweep through the streets
Survivors non existent
End they will meet
Throwing out the old
New powers rise
An era comes to close
No life in their eyes

Corruptive force